- Recipe for Beef Bobotie with Yellow Rice
- 4 Spice Blends (we will let you know when to add each blend throughout the recipe!)
- Feeds 4 
- A guaranteed fun cooking experience!
- Contains mustard seed


THE RECIPE: We're travelling over to South Africa to enjoy beef bobotie, a traditional dish of the Cape Malay community! This dish is made up of a fruity, spiced filling topped with a layer of egg and milk which is then cooked slowly so the beef is tender and flavorsome. Cape Malay cuisine has roots in islamic cooking and is unique in its combinations of spices and fruit. In this meal we serve the bobotie alongside a sweet and fragrant yellow rice. We hope you enjoy bringing the unique flavors of Cape Malay cuisine to your very own kitchen! Happy cooking!


THE SPICES: With our premixed spice blends you will no longer have to leave out those obscure spices from your recipe. Or fill your cupboards with expensive spices you'll inevitably only use once or twice a year! Instead of reaching for that jar of curry sauce, we hope you'll enjoy our premixed spice packs which will make your dish taste just as it should (in other words..Incredible!)

Beef Bobotie with Yellow Rice

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