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The Big Reveal: Our First Recipe (Coming in October)

We are so excited to officially announce the first recipe of our spice subscription! Taking you on a journey through India, we are pairing chicken pasanda traditionally served in Northern India with lemon rice which is a Southern Indian recipe.

Badam Pasanda is a creamy, mild curry cooked with yogurt, ground almonds and spices. It is eaten across Pakistan and Northern India with its origins from the Mughal Empire. “Badam” translates to almonds and “Pasanda” is derived from the Urdu word “Pasande” meaning “favorite”. This refers to the fine cuts of goat or lamb that were traditionally used to make it. Our recipe marinates chicken in spices and yogurt for a few hours before cooking with ground almonds to make a delicious creamy curry suitable for everyone! If you wanted to make it vegetarian, a great alternative to chicken is paneer cheese!

Lemon rice is one of the most popular South Indian recipes! It is very easy to make and is so delicious that it can serve as a meal on its own. Spices are tempered and nuts and lentils are cooked to create a crunchy texture. There is a delicate flavor of lemon bringing a slight tang to the rice.

Together, the tangy lemon rice complements the creamy pasanda perfectly!

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