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How To Make Perfect Basmati Rice

A lot of our dishes feature rice so we have decided to dedicate a post to cooking it perfectly! Here we are specifically focusing on basmati rice which features in our launch recipe in October.

When you’re mixing cooked rice with other ingredients it can all get a bit sticky and mushy when the rice is overcooked! Below we’ve listed our top tips to help avoid this and create that perfect fluffy rice!

1) Wash, wash and wash again- The tedious part but so crucial to keeping your rice fluffy! Rinsing it will remove starch and stop it from clumping. We generally rinse our rice 5 times by filling the saucepan with cold water, swooshing it around and carefully pouring it off!

2) Add less than more- Some people have their go to method of measuring how much water to add to the rice, such as the finger crease method or using a specific ratio. It’s tricky to get it just right and we often find the amount of water needed can vary down to the brand of rice! Generally, we add 1cm of water above the rice line and always add less than more. We find it is difficult to save soggy rice whereas a lot easier to add extra water later if needed (see below!).

3) Add a tight lid- Add a tight lid to the saucepan to ensure the water is absorbed by the rice rather than evaporating.

4) Do not remove the lid- This will ensure the steam remains in the pot which is important for your rice to cook evenly.

5) Watch carefully- We recommend swapping a timer for your careful attention. Heat the rice at a medium heat for roughly 5-10 minutes until the water starts to simmer. Then turn the heat to low and simmer slowly for another 5-10 minutes. If all the water has been absorbed, take it off the heat.

6) Maybe take a quick peek- If you’re not sure whether your rice is cooked, have a quick test by quickly opening the lid and taking a small amount out before covering back up immediately. If it is undercooked, you can add a couple of tablespoons of water and cook for another few minutes.

7) Keep lid on and leave to rest- Otherwise, take your rice off the heat and without removing the lid, leave it to rest for 10 minutes. During this time the rice will continue absorbing any small amounts of water left in the saucepan. This also gives the rice time to redistribute the water to result in a more uniform texture.

8) Finally, fluff your rice with a fork or spoon!

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