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Cinnamon: Ceylon Vs Cassia

Everyone's favorite spice...CINNAMON!!!

The warming spice that makes everything taste better ☺️

We thought we'd share some facts on the two main varieties of Cinnamon - Cassia and Ceylon. They both have unique flavors and textures that can be used in different ways!

Cassia is most commonly sold on the global market and is the cheapest variety! It is sometimes known as "fake cinnamon" 😮Obviously it still comes from the bark of a cinnamon tree but there are some noticeably differences. It has a very strong taste and has a tougher, thicker bark than ceylon. It also contains more coumarin, which has been proven to actually have negative health impacts of consumed over a long period of time.

Ceylon bark is much more delicate with a lighter flavor and color. The cinnamon is thinner and forms multiple layers when rolled. It has a sweeter flavor which makes it great for baking! It is however almost 10 times the price of Cassia bark...!

Many of us will most likely have Cassia sitting in our cupboards which is great for meat dishes, marinades and sauces! Ceylon would be a lovely addition to the spice cupboard when you want to treat yourself to cinnamon flavored cakes, pastries and desserts!

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