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Your Global Food Tour

The Spice Messenger is about to begin a long-awaited journey to discover the very best spiced dishes from around the world and we can't wait to share our adventure with you! As we make our way to a new destination each month, we'll be sending out postcards with all our favorite recipes along with all the premixed spice packs for you to cook up an impressive, authentic meal for four at home.


We hope you're as excited as us to join the journey and start discovering a new, offbeat recipe each month. Don't miss out by signing up to our mailing list today to keep up to date as our journey begins!


What will we make?

Chicken madras with pilau rice and cucumber raita

Ground spices for a punchy madras, whole spices to delicately flavor the rice and a selection of seeds to sprinkle over the raita

Jambalaya and bourbon bread pudding 

Freshly mixed cajun spices and herbs to make a hearty jambalaya with a cinnamon based spice mix for afters


Malai Kofta curry with spiced kale and rice 

A light spice blend for the koftas with a more flavorsome mix for the creamy, curry sauce. The kale is enhanced with a subtle blend for a wholesome side dish.  


Grilled kebabs with fruity tabbouleh and garlic sauce

A mix of Middle Eastern spices to make flavorsome kebabs with a lighter spice mix to enhance the fresh, fruity tabbouleh.   

Impress your friends & family

As homecooked, sit down meals have become a rarity, take the time to cook together and share your wondrous creation around the table! Whether you’re starting a family cooking night, treating that special someone on date night or impressing your friends at the next dinner party!

Discover new dishes

Satisfy your curious tastebuds by discovering new cuisines so you can keep adding new interesting, recipes to your repertoire

Use the right spices

With our premixed spice packets you won’t have to leave out those obscure spices from your recipe. Or fill your cupboards with expensive spices you'll inevitably only use once or twice a year!

Learn About Other Cultures

Become a global gastronome without leaving the house as we send you all we’ve learnt about the history of your dishes, their place of origin and the spices that enhance them

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