There's nothing we love more than a delicious meal shared alongside our friends and family. Especially when we impress them all with that interesting, new dish we have always wanted to try!

At The Spice Messenger, we will set you up to cook and enjoy a new and impressive meal at home with your loved ones every month. Each month we’ll be sending authentic, offbeat recipes from around the world to satisfy your curious tastebuds along with all the premixed spices you’ll need to make sure your dish turns out just as it should (including that one obscure spice that you may never have heard of!).

In today’s busy world where a homecooked, sit down meal has taken a back seat, we really hope to encourage you to take the time to cook together and share your wondrous creation around the table! Whether you’re starting a family cooking night, treating that special someone on date night or impressing your friends at the next dinner party, we hope you all have a fun and enlightening spice journey with our monthly subscription!

Indian Food